12 May 2005

Pat and Don

I see that Pat Buchanan, on the Don Imus show this a.m., created a major flap with his faux pas questioning our role in World War II. That doesn't surprise me or shouldn't surprise anyone else, as he's stirred it up in the past. Pat suffers from cranial rectitus and this is just his latest display.

What surprises me is - who listens to Don Imus? That guy is a Fruit Loop! Nothing to say but Dierdre... The ranch... little Wyatt... Bernie, Charles, and Sid... Do those three really contribute anything to that show other than serve as his claque?

Imus in the morning... I don't think so!


Moe said...

Last time I watched Imus, was 2 years or so ago, when Bernie beat the crap out of Sid in the boxing match on the aircraft carrier.

I liked him in the late 90's, but it seems after he opened his NM ranch and Wyatt was born, he went completely goofy.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Exactly, we mirror each other there, Moe. I used to watch him occasionally and just like you said, The Ranch, Little Wyatt, etc., after that I couldn't stand the guy.