20 May 2005

New website to help monitor Congress

I'm a write-your-congressman type of guy and have been for years. In fact, while I don't recall the subject, I do remember my first letter, penned about 1968 or so and sent to this gentleman.

Today, I rarely do postal letters as email is so much quicker and there's no stamp to buy. Plus, I believe DC-bound government mail is still being irradiated at a facility in Ohio. So, there's an additional delay before the Congressman gets constituent mail.

You can stay abreast of Congressional actions by wading through the Federal Register or going to thomas.loc.gov. But now, we also have plogress.com to help. This new website will follow the legislative activity of every Congressman. It seems to hold some promise as another tool to keep an eye on those Congresscritters.

Hat tip to pstupidonymous.

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