27 May 2005

My nomination for Dick the Butcher's solution

Nothing new in this article about the ACLU cashing in on a loophole in the Civil Rights legislation. I've read about it before, plus there's a Stop the ACLU blog I visit occasionally.

But, if that bit of news upsets you and you think it's wrong, then you can finally do something to stop it. You can write or email your Congressman and ask that they co-sponsor the legislation mentioned in the Journal's article. The sponsor is Rep. John Hostettler and the bill is H.R. 2679.

Dick the Butcher? Yeah, Shakespeare's Dick the Butcher, to wit:

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers
--Dick the Butcher, Henry VI, Act 4, Scene 2


Appalachian Gun Trash said...
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Anonymous said...

Lawyers is fine, if they wouldn't run for office, that's the damned problem. Too many lawyers become politicians and the only thing they know how to do is what they practice - law, so they pass more f***ing laws!