29 May 2005

Just one, then I gotta get home

You know, I quit drinking at the professional level about 4 or 5 years ago. In fact, I hardly drink at all anymore. No health issues, no moral issues, no financial issues, I just chose to stop drinking. But this endeavor looks intriguing and I kind of envy the guy. Can you imagine meeting all the different people, visiting 1000 bars in one year and then doing a blog on it? That'd be pretty interesting, I think.

But, with some serious introspection, as much as I think I could do it, I know I couldn't do it the way he does. Because with me and alcohol, it was like Lays potato chips, I couldn't eat (drink) just one. Not hardly.

Hat tip to Tim Blair.


Moe said...

I'm a lot like you there, GT. I can't drink just one beer then mosey on about my way. To drink just one then stop, feels like a sinful tease to my palate.

What that NYC fella is doing really isn't hard at all, but for many like myself, it's a matter of money and travel. Three bars a day, and one beer in each bar, is easy. Unless,you live in a small town where there aren't even 100 bars in two counties combined; then ya gotta drive a ways elsewhere to find more.

But oh, how I'd love to try.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Shoot, Moe... here in Eastern Kentucky, most counties is dry, so you'd have a hard time finding any bars at all. Now, bootleggers (not corn liquor distillers, but resellers) you can find, especially in those "inland" counties that are a bit of a drive from the borders of the wet states like OH or WV. You can find 'em, that is, if you know the right person, but the markup is atrocious.