16 May 2005

Bicycling is good for you

The wife & I both try to stay in shape. We lift weights twice a week and also do a 8 mile ride on our bicycles at least three times a week, weather permitting. Bicycling has many benefits, of course. But one that our particular route affords is scenery like this.

Yeah, it's not the Front Range of the Rockies or Big Sur, but we like it and that's what counts!


Dave said...

Funny -- we moved from Conn. to Fla. last summer to start new careers and cannot yet afford a 2nd car... but somehow have not gotten around to at least getting a bicycle! Especially with the lack of hills around here. Thanks for the reminder! Working at home with no way to even go to the P.O. is not helping my perspective OR my new ministry.

Appalachian Gun Trash said...

Well, Dave, I've posted on our bicycles before (31 Mar 05) and you may already know this. But, one thing I feel strongly about is to get the best bike you can afford. We've had "clunkers" over the years, but this time decided to buy "real" bicycles and there is a world of difference. A world of difference.

I like your blog there, Dave. So, unless I hear different from you, I'm gonna put it on my Blogs I Visit list. Found crosses - hmmmm, interesting concept, that. Good luck with it - or rather, may God bless your new endeavor there in the Sunshine State!

Appalachian Gun Trash said...
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