19 April 2005

Don't DeLay, Write your Congressman Today!

Well, it looks like the White House was listening when Senator Trent Lott said they could be doing more to help defend House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. In today's Washington Times

By Bill Sammon

The White House yesterday stepped up its defense of embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, dispatching political strategist Karl Rove to deride Democratic attacks as "drivel." "They're just desperate," Mr. Rove said of Democrats on CNN. "They're not offering ideas in the debate, they're not being constructive, and so some of their members are taking potshots at Tom DeLay."

Additionally, the Times' blog points out that DeLay's Republican colleagues will likely respond depending upon what they hear from their constituents. From the Times' blog

Monday, April 18, 2005
DeLay should start worrying

Tom DeLay is not yet in danger of losing his majority leader's post, but last week's call by fellow Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo for him to temporarily step aside should be worrisome.

That's not because Mr. Tancredo, a Colorado Republican in his fourth term, holds a major leadership position or represents the views of a large part of the caucus on this matter, although he does have a national following on immigration issues.

No, the reason Mr. Tancredo's statement should be taken seriously is because of how it happened -- a reporter for the Denver Post asked him about it. When papers like the Denver Post start asking individual members where they stand, it raises their profile by tying them to Mr. DeLay and whatever ethics accusations end up sticking to him.

The Texas Republican, now in his second term as majority leader, can probably survive the scrutiny from national newspapers, network television news, the constant charges from Democrats and even the occasional lack of support from those like Rep. Christopher Shays, Connecticut Republican.

But what will doom him is when Republicans in the House start hearing from constituents back home, asking where they stand on Mr. DeLay.

-- Stephen Dinan, congressional bureau chief

I emailed my Congresscritter yesterday asking him to support Tom DeLay. Have you written yours?

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